A Retrospective: Presiding Bishop Griswold


The Anglican Scotist has worked up a piece that tries to place some of our Presiding Bishop’s statements into context. It’s very well done – and worth the read too…

“Looking back over some of PB Griswold’s public statements around homosexuality, communion, GC2003, etc I am impressed at his firm grasp of Anglican theology as articluated by Westerhoff, Holmes, Griffiss, et al, pace the caricature of his views on the Anglican right. Again and again, he makes points that are dead-on, without effect despite the fact that they remain unanswered. It is as if he is our Cassandra, seeing truth and danger but going unheeded to our detriment. When you read these, ask yourself what Bishops Duncan or Iker or Howe have said, or even would say, on similar topics; I think you will quickly come to appreciate Griswold’s understanding.”

Read the rest here: A Retrospective: Presiding Bishop Griswold

(Via The Anglican Scotist.)

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