U2charist at GC

General Convention

My heart is lifted by the U2charist celebrated in Columbus to recognize and support the UN Millennium Development Goals. The Convention Daily reported standing room only with 700 worshiping together in unity. A U2charist is a Eucharist enfolded by the music of Irish rock band U2. Lead musician Bono is committed to the ministry that Jesus calls us to: feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, welcome the stranger, clothe the naked, care for the sick, and visit the prisoner. An answer to this call has come in the form of the UN Millennium Development Goals, which was given top priority by the Joint Standing Committe on Program, Budget and Finance. My heart lifts because the celebration unifies us in our primary ministry to bring God’s kingdom near and to reach out to all all people. U2 speaks to babyboomers, gen-Xers and millennials alike. Should we be surprised that serving the world’s greatest needs speaks to all ages? My applause for this U2 ministry and offering in Columbus. If you are interested in hosting a U2 Eucharist in your parish, The Rev. Rick Bellows, rector at The Church of the Atonement in Westfield, Massachusetts has made his 300+ U2charist powerpoint slide available free for download at myfaithmylife.org. It is strongly recommended that offerings presented at U2charists address the UN MDGs.

Though I sometimes wish I were in the thick of GC right now, we CE folk worshiped in a Taize service together tonight. Deeply spirit moving experience. It’s now nearing midnight. Good night. ~Jenifer

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