Christmas Sermon topics?


Any one have any good ideas for Christmas Eve sermons? Christmas Eve and Easter are the two hardest sermons of the year to write. The lessons are the same year in and year out, and I think I’ve said all that I can about them over the years. (I’m sure there’s more to be said, but perhaps not for me…)

I’m trying to come up with another children’s story for the early service on the 24th as well. Over the last few years I’ve been writing pieces about the animals around the manger. It’s been fun – but now that I’ve been doing it for 8 years, I’m starting to run out of ideas as well.

Alden Hothaway used to preach the same basic sermon on Christmas Eve year in and year out. He said it became quite the tradition in the parishes that he served. He’d change a few things each year, but the body of the sermon stayed the same. I’ve thought about doing that – but then I manage to get excited by an idea and run off to write that sermon rather than trying to keep updating the one from the years before.

Anyway – all topics gratefully received. You’ll probably get to hear the finished version sometime after Christmas, so “mad propz” to you if I use your idea. Grin.

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  1. Jeff Queen says

    I have thought about using Archbishop Rowan’s Christmas message as a beginning point. If you have not read it yet, its worth the time. Hope all is well with the family. Richelle says hello.
    Jeff Queen +

  2. So, Nick, what have you settled on, here on Wed of the 4th week of advent?
    I’m still looking for the ‘hook’ to get me off and running!
    Happy St. Thomas’

  3. At this point I’ve been playing around with a comment I saw on the HoB/D list earlier this week. Jesus incarnation is the single most unselfish and loving act that has ever happened. All the gifts, christmas celebration come from the recognition of what Christ has given us.
    The meat of the sermon is to spend a moment thinking about just what it was that Christ was doing in the moment of Incarnation. Redemption, teaching, blessing etc…
    I’m a little chary of this since it seems sort of “heavy” – but I do think we need to be a little clearer about what the “reason” for the “season” actually is… It’s not just Jesus – it’s what Jesus birth means.

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