“Time Management with PDAs”I am


“Time Management with PDAs”

I am making this site available to help folks who have a PDA (Pocket PC or Palm) to better use their PDAs for effective time management. Much of what is said herein also applies to a laptop/desktop or Tablet PC environment as well. The advice provided herein has been distilled from my 30 years of professional experience, participation in numerous seminars, reading of numerous books, and over five years of very active use of PDAs. Note that I am not trying to sell you on the idea of buying a PDA – many people use their paper planners very effectively and may not have any occasion or desire to use a PDA to help them manage time. All that I try to do with this site is to help those who have PDAs to use those devices effectively to help them manage time. If you have a PDA, you might as well try to get as much use out of it as you can. But, if the tips and tricks suggested herein do not help you do any better than you’ve done with your paper system, it doesn’t hurt my feelings for you to keep using the paper system :)”

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