On off chance you’ve been


On off chance you’ve been thinking about reading one of the “Left Behind” series of books…

(My mind has been) Left Behind: “Want an antidote for the theological and literary poison of the Left Behind series ? Look no further than the Slacktivist’s collection of Left Behind articles.
This unrecognizable, heterodox puree includes chunks of John’s apocalypse, mixed together willy-nilly with the stranger bits of Daniel, Ezekiel and the minor prophets and slices of St. Paul’s meditations on death and Christ’s warnings of judgment. It also includes lots of other things, like numerology, an aversion to historical context and whole passages apparently taken from the AD&D Monster Manual.

As AKMA says, ‘…one cannot link often enough to Fred ‘Slacktivist’ Clark’s painstaking dissection of exactly what makes these The Worst Books Ever Written.'”

(Via Simeon in the Suburbs.)

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