FedEx – grumble


So I ordered an iMac for my office from the Apple Store. Because the computer is so heavy it’s been sent FedEx Ground. It’s taken 5 days for the computer to make its way across these United States. According to the tracking page it is supposed to be delivered to my wife’s Lehigh Office tomorrow morning. Except she won’t be there.

When I called and tried to either get the location changed – or to try to have them hold the shipment at the distribution center so I could pick it up – I’m told that neither is possible. And if it is not delivered successfully on Sat, they won’t re-attempt delivery until Tuesday.

Tuesday? I wonder why that is.

Apparently the problem is caused because Apple messed up and specified the delivery site as a “home” address rather than a “business” address.


(Of course if this is the worst thing I have to worry about in my life, things are going pretty darn good.)

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