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MBABANE ÔøΩ Government will not be providing financial assistance to the victims of the storm that wreaked havoc in Manzini and surrounding areas on Sunday but will provide security by deploying the countryÔøΩs security forces in the affected areas.

Making the pledge was Prime Minister Absalom Themba Dlamini who said this is to ensure the protection of the civil rights and liberties of all people in the affected areas. He urged all citizens of the country to be vigilant and assist the security forces while doing their job.

The prime minister sent out an SOS to the nation at large and business people to lend a helping hand.

ÔøΩWe appeal to the nation, the business community, our good partners and friends of Swaziland to assist us in whatever possible form to enable us to bring relief to those who have been affected by the disaster.”

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