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Jesus’ Love has Power over Death.

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Sermon for Sunday, Lent 5A, 2020 The readings for this weekend speak to God’s power over for the forces of death and destruction. They testify to our collective memory of how Jesus entered human history and reshaped our story forever. Today, perhaps more than ever before in my life, I need to hear this teaching. I’m struggling each day to not give up to despair. It feels like so much has been taken from us. […]

We depend on one another now

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The most intense insight I’ve had during the beginnings of the COVID-19 crisis is how profoundly connected we all are. I knew it intellectually, and I believed it theologically, but to see it being demonstrated so directly has made it real to me in a way I didn’t imagine. One person’s health depends on the people around them. One person becoming sick can start a chain reaction of misery for many. One person, physically distancing […]

Sheltering as an Act of Love and Hope

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Holy One, give us courage for this moment. Let us meet each day and its challenges as it comes. Give us a godly hope and then let us be a sign and a light for others. Protect all those who lives are in danger. Bless the dying and heal the sick. We ask this in the name of Jesus our Savior and our Redeemer. I’ve started rationing the news I read and watch. My habit […]