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Is this the beginning of what many have feared?

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Firebombings kindle political row in tiny Swaziland MBABANE, Oct 2 (Reuters) – Weekend firebomb attacks, branded as terrorism by authorities in tiny Swaziland, have raised the stakes in a long-running stuggle between sub-Saharan Africa’s last absolute monarch Mswati III and the banned opposition. Police said a firebomb exploded in the Swazi National Court building in the capital Mbabane late on Friday night, hours after a similar attack on the home of government spokesman Percy Simelane […]

Reuters AlertNet – ACT Alert: Drought, HIV/AIDS in Swaziland

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“The low-lying areas of Swaziland are seriously hit by drought. According to a FAO/WFP report, an estimated 227,000 people are at risk of facing severe food shortage for four to seven months during the 2005/2006 marketing year. Due to several years of drought, the groundwater level of most boreholes has now fallen below the ‚Äòadequate‚Äô level of most boreholes. Streams and smaller dams had since dried up. Access to sanitation and safe water in the […]

Reuters AlertNet – Swaziland: The Clock Is Ticking

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“Pretoria/Brussels, 14 July 2005: Frustration is building in Swaziland, risking violence unless the international community helps push for political reforms. Swaziland: The Clock Is Ticking,* the latest report from the International Crisis Group, examines the country’s long, steady slide toward implosion. More outside pressure is needed to help pro-reform elements inside the country bring back a constitutional monarchy and genuine democracy — the best guarantees that Swazi volatility will not eventually infect the region.” I’ve […]

Big jump in S African

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Big jump in S African HIV cases: “South Africa releases figures suggesting many more people are infected with HIV than previously thought.” A study of women in antenatal clinics suggests that more than six million of South Africa’s 40 million people are infected with HIV. (Via BBC News | Africa.)

SWAZILAND: Theft derails electrification plans

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“MBABANE, 21 June (IRIN) – The escalating incidence of copper wire theft has set back efforts to electrify Swaziland’s impoverished urban townships and isolated pockets of the countryside. ‘Copper wire is used to ground the transformers as protection against lightning strikes: the energy from lightning is channelled away from the transformer and down the wire into the earth. When the wires are cut off by thieves, the transformers are defenceless. We have lost several of […]

BBC NEWS | England |

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BBC NEWS | England | New Archbishop of York appointed: “New Archbishop of York appointed The Bishop of Birmingham, the Rt Rev John Sentamu, has become the Church of England’s first black archbishop. The Ugandan-born cleric takes over as Archbishop of York from Dr David Hope who quit in February to become a parish priest in Ilkley, West Yorkshire. Bishop Sentamu said his appointment to the second-highest post in the Church of England was ‘an […]

SWAZILAND: Changing face of home-based hospice care

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“MBABANE, 15 June (IRIN) – AIDS has accelerated the death rate in Swaziland, causing home-based hospice care to expand into an entire support system for affected families. ‘People now come to us as a resource to go for help when they have a terminally ill family member, to help them cope with the burden, to help the patient, and to help the whole family emotionally, spiritually and medically,’ said Thulile Dlamini-Msane, director of Hospice at […]

Tiny Swaziland losing war to weed out marijuana

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This was a problem that a number of people mentioned to me during my visit back in January. It’s completely understandable why people would turn to this to feed their families – yet in fact it only makes the situation more dire. “PIGG’S PEAK, Swaziland, June 9 (Reuters) – After hours of scrambling over rugged mountain terrain, Swaziland’s anti-drug squad finally find what they’re looking for: a secret field packed with some of the world’s […] AIDS fight rooted in tradition

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“According to the United Nations, Swaziland has the highest HIV rate in the world, with 38.8 percent of adults infected. Last year, 42.6 percent of pregnant women attending prenatal clinics tested positive; among women 25 to 29, the figure rises to a staggering 56 percent. The number of orphans, not surprisingly, has boomed in recent years, from 20,000 in 2000 to more than 70,000 this year. ” More numbers… I’ve not heard the 56% level […]