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Why study Physics.

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A truly lovely short film by a Rhode Islander – who studied physics at Brown and design and animation at RISD – both a few blocks from where I sit as I write this sentence. Why Do I Study Physics? (2013) from Xiangjun Shi on Vimeo. Take a few minutes to watch it and then look at the world around you with your new rational and irrational eyes…

Ansible Today: Entanglement action measured at 10,000x light speed


Chinese Physicists Measure Speed of “Spooky Action At a Distance” The group claims that they have measured that entangled photons interact with each other at speed that is at least ten thousand times the speed of light. This modifies a similar experiment done recently but which was criticized because the measurement couldn’t be guaranteed to depend solely on entanglement. Can the ansible be far behind?

Become an amateur quantum mechanic


Imagine my delight this morning when I came across a blog on Scientific American talking about a new book hand's on quantum physics experiments that could done at home. The title is "<em>Exploring Quantum Physics Through Hands-On Projects"</em> and it's written by David Prutchi and his daughter Shanni Prutchi.

Bad science on the rise


The New York Times reports this week on the rising rates of papers appearing in peer-refereed journals that are being withdrawn. You withdraw a paper for two reasons generally. You either made a mistake in your scientific reasoning or someone caught you lying. It appears that it’s the latter reason and not the former that is on the rise. Why is this happening? According to one expert: “Several factors are at play here, scientists say. […]

Photon heralds extend entanglement

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Quantum Entanglement should be an incredibly useful tool for communications. Though it won’t ever become an ansible, or even the basis for subspace radio, the ability to communicate through entangled pairs of quantum particles would, in theory, create a situation where no third party could intercept the message. Which means that we’d finally have unbreakable secure communications. In theory at least. There are a number of practical problems. One of the problems is that it’s […]

Dark matter blob misbehaving

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Well, this is interesting… Just when cosmologists were starting to arrive at a consensus about the reality of Dark Matter and a sense of how it drives cosmic evolution, observations of Abell 520 completely contradict what people expect. The Dark Matter seems to be having no gravitation effect on galactic trajectories at all.