Almighty and most powerful Lord, we gather together as one body in Christ to discern the ever changing times in which we live.

As the winds of change erode the path we walk, guide our thoughts back to the beginning where we have lost our way and show us once again the path to righteousness; a path marked by the brilliance of your light.

Take us back to the remembrance of your all inclusive love in which you asked us to do no more for others than to love.

May all decisions we make be made with guidance from the hand of your holy spirit.

May we be united as one faith, one people, one body in Christ; knowing that in all things, through all things, God is the True path we take.

May the winds of change open the doors of our souls, enlightening us to your will a new way, a new light, a new life in Chirst.

And we pray, most gracious Father, continue to challenge our minds, hearts and faith thus coming into full circle to draw us ever closer to your love.

All this we ask in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God forever. Amen.

Okay then… Looks like I’ve

Okay then…

Looks like I’ve got this working. The plan is to be able to easily update this blog with thoughts and impressions from General Convention later this month. I’ll have to work out if there’s a way to do it from near the floor of the House of Deputies. (We’re not allowed to be in electronic communication with the outside world during the actual legislative sessions.) In principle I should be able to use my palm computer and a cell phone to post things as they happen.

Stay tuned.