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Switchgrass-based Ethanol

Science / World Mission

Here’s some encouraging news in the bio-fuel area. Researchers have found that fuel made from grass is able to provide significantly more energy for fuel than is required to grow the grass. ” Switchgrass grown for biofuel production produced 540 percent more energy than needed to grow, harvest and process it into cellulosic ethanol, according to estimates from a large on-farm study by researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Results from the five-year study involving […]

Showdown in Arizona

World Mission

The New York Times has an op-ed piece today that actually sort of “gets it”. They describe the situation at a location that is only a few blocks away from where I live in Phoenix: “Want to see America unraveling? Come here, to Thomas Road and 35th Street, to M. D. Pruitt’s furniture store. Come on Saturday morning and stand near the eight delivery trucks barricading the parking lot, like the wall of an urban […]

BBC NEWS: Biofuels bonanza facing ‘crash’

Climate Change / World Mission

News that the biofuel solution to the energy crunch is looking less realistic: “The biofuels bonanza will crash unless producers can guarantee their crops have been produced responsibly, the UN’s environment agency chief has said. Achim Steiner of the UN Environment Programme (Unep) said there was an urgent need for standards to make sure rainforests weren’t being destroyed. Biofuel makers also had to show their products did not produce more CO2 than they negated, he […]


Bill Martin / Science / World Mission

Deacon Bill (see below) has sent along this first column: On both November 2 and 9, the Bishop of Arizona‚Äôs E-pistle included excerpts on pandemic influenza planning along with a partial list of additional resources. Since I have a relatively extensive background in the study of infectious diseases, I submit the following as an introduction on this potentially deadly infectious disease. Infectious diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. It is no secret that […]

Energy Consumption is starving the poor

Climate Change / Swaziland / World Mission

The BBC article that I posted earlier this morning points out that there’s no way that the developed world can expect energy to continue to be available at present levels. The unexpected consequence of this is being felt in Swaziland. The article in the Guardian below points out the real impact in a country that has no real resources other than its minimal agricultural industry: “It doesn’t get madder than this. Swaziland is in the […]

BBC NEWS: Energy needs ‘to grow inexorably’

Climate Change / World Mission

With crude oil poised to break $100/barrel and gas over $4/gallon in the Bay Area, I heard a report on NPR this morning saying that the spiking prices were due primarily to “speculation”. My first response to the radio voice was that “speculation” is what happens when demand exceeds supply – and that it is probably not going to go away. Which means that energy prices are just going to continue to climb. The news […]

Religious Groups Push Climate Aid for Poor

Climate Change / World Mission

Kendall Harmon has the following bit of news – and since there’s no link to the original source – I’ll just quote it and update it later when I get a chance to google around for the source: “An alliance of religious groups is vowing a relentless push to restore a key provision to assist the international poor in America’s Climate Security Act, the first greenhouse gas cap-and-trade bill with a realistic chance of passage […]

The Population Cluster Bomb?

Climate Change / World Mission

One of the new blogs on the NYTimes website (newly accessible to people who have setup a free account) is the Dot Earth blog. The focus is on how the Earth’s environmental change is effecting human life. I was a bit unnerved by the following post, which appears to be a follow-up on the news that the UN released late last week about the dangerous combined effects of the climate change mixed with population growth: […]

Matthew Davies: Unity in Mission

General Convention / World Mission

Matthew Davies, the editor of Episcopal Life online has written a wonderful editorial on what he’s hearing as he travels around the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion: “Ask the average Anglican to name the most important aspects of his or her religion and you will not be treated to a rundown of legislation, litigation, formal reports or public statements. You will hear stories of relationship, partnership, tradition and mission. The articles and perspectives prevalent […]

Only $3.1 Million to Feed 400,000

Swaziland / World Mission

News from Swaziland today: “Despite the worst harvest in the country’s recorded history and the aftermath of fires that destroyed crops and plantations, Swaziland’s appeals for international assistance are falling on deaf donor ears. In July UN agencies appealed for US$18 million to feed about 40 percent of Swaziland’s one million people, who are facing acute food shortages. So far, only $3.1 million has been forthcoming, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of […]