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Epiphany 2C 2009; Finding God in the rubble

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Where can we find God in aftermath of disaster, in the rubble of destruction? In Haiti? In the ships filled with aid streaming across all the seas of the world toward this broken place. In the rushing airplanes filled with doctors, search teams, world experts on disaster relief. We are the body of Christ in the world. We contend with extraordinary shadows of hatred, violence, oppression and destruction. We follow Christ as Christ drives out […]

Christmas II C, 2009

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God has entered the world uniquely and definitively in Jesus. But the idea that an infinite and non-temporal being appears in history opens us to the paradox of the Incarnation. In the account of Joseph's flight into Egypt in the today's gospel, we begin to hear the ramifications of this paradox creating echos of Jesus throughout all of human history. If we will take the time to ponder such a thing in our heart, we […]

Christmas Eve 2009

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In the manger, God is cradled in serving dish – literally. Jesus has come to be our very food so that we who once ate from the Tree of Knowledge shall now and forever be fed by God's own love. That very same baby that was cradled in that manger, you, in a little while, will cradle in your hands tonight. MP3 File

Advent 4C 2009, Reconciling Revelation

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What I find so striking about this idea of a midrashic quality to revelation is that in it we can see God's active participation in history. Go back to the images of the two heros. Think of John the great Prophet as the heroic figure representing the Hebrew scriptures and their revelation of God. Think of Jesus as the heroic figure (obviously he’s more than that) of the full representation of the Christian scriptures. The […]

I’ve never seen anything like this before – a service in four languages on Advent 4

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This was the scene yesterday at the fourth of our five regular Sunday liturgies. I was at the first three and took some people out to lunch and had to miss this service, but I was there for the opening. I'm only fluent in one language – there were four in use during the service – so I really wasn't qualified to be at the altar. From Greta Huls account of the service: Members of […]

Advent 2C, 2009

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In these weeks leading up to Christmas, as the signs are all around us that there is a different way to live, maybe you might ask yourself if there’s something you need to reconsider about your life? Someone told me about putting a red dot on his watch as a reminder to be aware of God’s presence every time he checked his watch to see what time it was. Maybe you might take a moment […]

Sermon: Advent 1C 2009

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NT Wright suggests that in this Sunday's Gospel reading, Jesus is not referring to the second coming but rather to impending destruction of the temple in Jerusalem. Following Wright's reading then, this passage can be read as a warning about what happens when people decide to use violence to protect holy things. My daughter and I recently had a conversation about this danger after she watched the movie "Inherit the Wind" as part of her […]

Compline at the Cathedral in Phoenix

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There are a number of Cathedral's and congregations around the country who are starting to offer Sung Compline as a devotional office on Sunday evenings. We're starting do that here in Phoenix as a way to reach out to people (undergraduate and graduate students in the neighborhood who might not otherwise attend services on a Sunday).  Here's a taste of what the experience is like. On a good night we have nearly 30 people in […]

Sermon for Proper 27B, 2009

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The collect for this Sunday invites us to hold tight to our hope that we will be transformed into the full stature of Christ. I've been thinking about how important hope is all week as a result. This sermon is about Hope. Specifically about the hope that the widow in the Temple courtyard must have had in God when she put gave the Temple treasury everything she had. She reminds me of another widow that […]

Proper 25B 2009; The Book of Job part 4

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Job’s great message is not just to hang in there with God; passionately disputing as one does with a real friend. There is a second message as well; God often is placing a comma where we imagine we are seeing a period. Our friends in the UCC have used this language to talk about the development of doctrine. They’re right to do this. It reminds us that God’s narrative, our history is still unfolding before […]