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Put it in a special drawer…

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Yesterday there were a series of rallies at the State Capital. The Latino community joined by the Democratic caucus held a rally complaining about SB1070 and the way it has harmed the state and "poisoned" relationships. The Republicans promised to resist all efforts toward repeal. The new State Senate President is quoted as saying to effect, "Any bill that I receive to repeal SB1070 is going into a special drawer in my desk. <em>And it's not coming out</em>." In other words, the minority can expect no hearing of their concerns by the legislature. They should not expect the government to act in their interest. It will only act in the interest of the majority.

The need to build bridges

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Years and years ago, I was at a clergy retreat at the Antiochian Orthodox Church Center in Western PA. It was the annual clergy retreat for the Diocese of Pittsburgh, and it was back in the days that Alden Hathaway was the bishop. There was a growing tension in the diocese, especially between the clergy. There were at least three camps within the clergy, probably more depending how you drew boundaries. I can’t remember if […]

The App you ought to have

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Do you have an iPhone? An iPad? Do you support the One Campaign? I spent time in Swaziland. Many of my friends are either from the Sudan or work with people in the Sudan. Here in Phoenix we have a number of cathedral members who work on the southern Mexican border with Guatemala. In all those places the situation is dire because an epidemic of preventable diseases, lack of basic infrastructure and extreme poverty. The […]

Volf: Fear and relief

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Many of my friend and my favorite blogs have been posting their thoughts on the news that Osama bin Laden was killed by the US military on Sunday. I’ve not said anything because, frankly, I’m not sure what I think yet. There’s a great deal to process and I’m leery of people who either start making with the cheers or tutt-tutting others because *they’re* cheering. I was the rector of a parish in far eastern […]

It’s time to rethink America’s policy on nuclear weapons.

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There’s an article in the Wall Street Journal today by a number of former Cold War leaders (including George Schultz, Sam Nunn and Henry Kissinger) that calls for the U.S. to rethink its M.A.D. nuclear weapons policy. Not a dove among the lot. While you can’t access that article without a subscription, you can read the open letter at the Here are some of the key paragraphs: “Today, the Cold War is almost 20 […]

“The dagger at the throat of the old regimes”

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My sermon this morning touched on the history we’re seeing unfolding before our eyes as population after population rises up against its government in the Mid-East. I pointed out that the part of the reason this seems to be happening all at once is that technology is making it possible for people to stay on message in a way that’s not been possible before. But all that would be for naught if there wasn’t a […]

Nuclear weapons test ban

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When I was studying physics back in the ’80s the vast majority of job opportunities for PhD’s and Masters folks were being found in weapons research contained under the SDI (strategic defense initiative or “Star Wars”) umbrella. The only serious opportunity that came my way while I was a grad student was the opportunity to study cellwall integrity at high pressure. And that meant taking chimpanzees, putting them (alive) into very high pressure vessels and […]

Walter Russell Mead: The Crisis of the American Intellectual

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Mead writes in an essay that discusses why American society seems so committed to restraining the full power of the information revolution to transform itself: “Almost everywhere one looks in American intellectual institutions there is a hypertrophy of the theoretical, galloping credentialism and a withering of the real.  In literature, critics and theoreticians erect increasingly complex structures of interpretation and reflection – while the general audience for good literature diminishes from year to year.  We […]