Went and got registered for

Went and got registered for Convention… Wow is that a big room. And hot too. Apparently it costs more than $5000/hour to run the airconditioners so they’ve left them turned off today. Seems sort of silly given how comfortable it is outside – but there’s no way to open the window and let the cool air in.

I took some pictures of the hall. I’ll try to get them posted on the web in a little while.

Well – I’m here in

Well – I’m here in Minneapolis… I seem to have messed up part of the blog, and managed to lose the posts I had made on Friday.

Sorry about that… I think I understand what happened, and I’ll try to figure out a work-around.


Bumpy ride getting here in summer thunderstorm ladden air. I’m hoping that’s not an omen of what’s to come in this convention, but I fear it is.

It is nice to see people though – I was able to visit with bunch of old friends from Pittsburgh and some new friends from Philly last night, and to talk about the work of Convention that really starts this evening.

More as I have a chance.

Here’s a link that will

Here’s a link that will take to ally the resolutions being decided upon at General Convention: View_All_Legislation If you’re just interested in the “A” resolutions (resolutions from the Official Committees, Boards, Agencies, etc of the church) you can see just those. (B resolutions come from Bishops, C resolutions from Dioceses and D resolutions come from Deputies.)