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So Monday I posted a note calling on Episcopalians to start thinking how we ought to be moving ourselves toward providing content on mobile platforms, since all the projections look like mobile internet use is going to soon eclipse traditional access.

And just like that, the Communications people at the Episcopal Church offices in New York release a new application on the iTunes store called “Wayfarer”! (I swear, I had no prior knowledge of this – hopefully this happened because the people at “815” were reading the same trends I was reading.)

From an email announcement I received:

The Episcopal Church Office of Communication has launched its first iPad app, Wayfarer.

Available as a free, quarterly iPad app downloadable at iTunes, all the content can also be viewed in an Internet browser here or http://WayfarerStories.com.

“Wayfarer features compelling stories told through video, photographs and words,” noted Lynette Wilson, Wayfarer producer.

Wilson, who is also an editor/reporter for Episcopal News Service, addressed the appropriateness of the name. “We chose to name the app Wayfarer because we intend to tell a wide spectrum of stories about people, possibilities and action across a broad landscape,” she said.

“This is an exciting moment – it represents our entry into mobile content, appealing both to Episcopal and broader audiences,” noted Anne Rudig, Director of Episcopal Church Office of Communication. “As the title suggests, each issue of Wayfarer has been shot in a different far-flung location.”

Full story here.

Good on ’em. Hopefully we’ll have a phone version soon for the iPhone, Android (in whatever flavor this can be installed on) and whatever else people are using.

But this is hopefully just the start!

And go download the app if you can, give it a good rating and share the news.

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  1. Lisa Fry says

    And I just found out (after reading this and asking) that my church- St. Mark’s, Little Rock- has been working on an app for about a year. I talked again to the rector and we are going to light a fire under them. As someone with a non-app phone (still) I needed to read this. Thanks!

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