New look for the fall


I was getting bored of the old look – so here’s new theme for the blog. I think this is the fourth or the fifth one that I’ve used over the years. If you’re into those sorts of things, take a look at the way-back machine to see what this blog has looked like in its various incarnations.

But this will do for the fall I think. And it appears the fall is finally here. Forecasts are for high temps of only 106 to 108 for the next few days here in Phoenix. (Wish it really *was* a dry heat… Grin.)

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  1. Phoenix Kid says

    Wish it really *was* a dry heat
    Well it was, the first couple of weeks of June, did you miss it? I don’t know how long you’ve lived here but fall isn’t recognizable here until the last week of October.

  2. Next week I’ll have been here one whole year Phoenix Kid.
    My longing for fall is just wishful thinking at the moment.
    Heck, I’d be happy with having the weather be reset to “par-boil” for a couple of days… Grin.

  3. Alice MacArthur says

    It IS a dry heat, having recently come from DC, I KNOW what real humidity feels like!

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