Google Earth’s Easter Egg


From Tech Crunch:

“Hidden inside Google Earth is a secret Flight Simulator that takes full advantage of Google’s extensive satellite imagery.

To access the hidden feature, open Google Earth and hit Command+Option+A (note it must be capital A) or Ctrl+Alt+A if you’re using a Windows Machine.

The Google Earth Flight Simulator comes with two aircraft options, a F16 Viper and the more manageable SR22 4 seater. Players have the option of commencing the game from their current location in Google Earth or can pick from a list of pre-determined runways. Control instructions can be found here.

Overall the game play is fairly simple in terms of control, but the striking difference is flying over real pictures of locations. I took a quick flight from San Francisco International, headed North to the Golden Gate then turn back over the city before heading towards the Valley. It wasn’t perfect, but it was as good visually as the paid Microsoft Flight Simulator, and in terms of actually presenting real objects it was better.”

Read the rest here: Google Earth’s Hidden Surprise: A Flight Simulator

Such a cool thing to discover on a holiday weekend… Now I have to see if I can find a cheap joy-stick.

(Via TechCrunch.)

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  1. Paul Martin says

    Have you tried the sky feature? Google earth now shows you constellations, planets and other objects in the sky. There are links to astronomical information and photos from the Hubble telescope. I can’t believe this software is free.

  2. I haven’t yet – but I’ve been meaning to. I have a couple of sky programs on my computer that I’ve used to drive a telescope when observing and/or as a teaching aid when I was lecturing. But neither of them are photo-realistic the way Google Sky is.
    I’m grateful that Google has found a way to provide tools like this for free. It helps me feel better about the fact that their servers are tracking my every move around the Internet. (sort of grin…)

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