Anne Graham Lotz, on her mother’s death

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Ruth Graham died today.

Anne Lotz, daughter of Billy and Ruth Graham has said of her mother:

“I have been asked what I will miss most about my Mother. The answer is simple: Everything!

If I could have seen the other side of the Pearly Gates when she entered, I believe I would have seen millions of angels standing to applaud Jesus…giving Him all the glory and praise for the life of Ruth Bell Graham.”

There’s much more to her statement, but that last line was for me so arresting and telling about a life lived only to glorify Jesus that I wanted to make sure you all saw it.

I had the honor of meeting Miss Ruth once upon a time. The Graham’s lived in Montreat NC, where my wife’s family had a summer home. We met Miss Ruth at a luncheon in Montreat. I was working with Karen and other “young people” in the kitchen as waiters for the older folks who were seated at tables at the event which Miss Ruth attended. I remember she made a point of coming into the kitchen to thank us. The cook curtseyed when she met her. I stammered.

You really had the sense that you were in the presence of someone special.

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