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In the past month or so I’ve been intentionally trying to get back to the original purposes of this blog – and focus my posting on Science and Religion rather than on the conflict in the Anglican Communion. (I’ve also found that I’m realizing how long my past year has been with General Convention a year ago, a new call to Arizona and getting settled into a growing a parish – and as such haven’t had as much energy to write as I would like to have.)

But Andrew Gerns over at Episcopal Cafe has come to the rescue of all of you who have been looking for a commentary on what’s been happening in the Communion in the past few weeks. He’s written up a long piece that’s worth your time:

“The relationships are so complex and the issues so nuanced that it is hard to pin down one cause, and I do not believe that the Communion is out of the woods on this matter by any stretch. Moderates in search of peace and progressives in hopes of victory, both of whom may be seeing glimmers of some kind of resolution, could still be surprised. This movement still has legs and could coalesce seemingly without notice. Still, I want to highlight some changes to the landscape that suggest that we are on different ground than we were a year or even six months ago. News of the invitations to Lambeth was certainly a shock to the reasserters’ movement. For CANA, AMIA and a similar set-up in Brazil to be ignored deprived these groups of Anglican legitimacy.”

Read the rest here: Anglican Equilibrium

(Via Daily Episcopalian.)

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