Faith, Reason and Science II

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Chuck Blanchard has a fantastic write-up discussing the ways in which evolutionary arguments have been used to support a proof of the existence of God, and whether such attempts have anything real to add to the conversation:

“There is actually growing scientific evidence of at least some innate moral language that guides human morality in all cultures. The troubling issue, however, is this: is this argument in danger of the classic ‘God of the Gaps’ problem? That is, is there a danger that developments in evolutionary science will offer a compelling scientific explanation for the development of this moral law that will offer a more compelling reason than God?

I, for one, am concerned that Dr. Collins is coming close to the God of the Gaps fallacy. Indeed, I had the same reaction when I reread Mere Christianity a few years ago. Nonetheless, I think that Collins is correct that to date, there has not been a convincing case made for an evolutionary basis for morality.”

Read the rest here: Faith, Reason and Science II: Francis Collins, C.S. Lewis and the Moral Law as Evidence for God

(Via A Guy in the Pew.)

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