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The Anglican Centrist has a post up that reports on an interview with Bishop John Rogers (an AMIA bishop who was once the Dean of Trinity Seminary in Ambridge, and who is returning there as interim-dean.) Bishop Rogers shares his thoughts about the future of the Anglican Communion and what is likely to happen in the next few years. The Centrist writes:

“Rogers predicts that ‘a major division of the Anglican Communion is more likely’ than the Episcopal Church being ‘disciplined’ or expelled from the Communion. He believes the shape of the schism will mean that evangelical Anglicans in Africa and the West will go their own way, while other provinces remain in communion with the Episcopal Church and England.

Moreover, he believes that the departure of the evangelical coalition will mean that the Episcopal Church will in fact maintain its position and standing within the Communion. Finally, he predicts that those who wish to separate from the Episcopal Church will have to forfeit the properties they are trying to purloin from the Episcopal Church. (Notably, the Anglican Mission in America has lost its flagship court case on this issue.)”

Read the rest here: Future Speculations from the Founder of AMiA

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