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A letter from Bishop Salmon (diocesan of South Carolina) has been released to his diocese. It explains the procedure that is going to be followed in re-electing Mark Lawrence as the next bishop of South Carolina, and this time garnering enough consents from the rest of the Episcopal Church to have him consecrated:

“In order to follow our Canons, it is necessary to re-convene the Diocesan Convention of November 2006, which according to the minutes was recessed, not adjourned. This means that the delegates from the November 2006 Convention are still in place. The date for convening this Convention is June 9, 2007. At that Convention, it will be necessary to suspend Rule 21; because it would require an entirely new election process duplicating the process we used in the first election. Rule 22 gives us the authority to suspend the Rule 21 by a 2/3 vote. After its suspension, the Convention can then call for an Electing Convention. This would then require our congregations to elect new delegates for this Convention. The former Electing Convention cannot be re-convened. It was called for the purpose of electing a Bishop for the Diocese, and this work was done.

The re-convened convention of 2006 will also be asked to affirm the appointment of Wade Logan as Diocesan Chancellor as required by the Canons. Due to reasons of health, Mr. Eugene N. Zeigler has resigned as Chancellor of the Diocese. He will remain as Chancellor until the Convention approves a new Chancellor.

This Electing Convention will then be convened later in the summer of 2007 for the purpose of re-electing Fr. Lawrence. This date will be announced when the Electing Convention is created.”

Read the rest here: A Letter to the Clergy of the Diocese of South Carolina from the Rt. Rev. Edward L. Salmon, Jr.

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  1. “Due to reasons of health, Mr. Eugene N. Zeigler has resigned as Chancellor of the Diocese.”
    Hmmmmm. It looks like they may have found their scapegoat for the first election debacle.

  2. I wouldn’t bet on him being a scapegoat. IIRC, they had some sort of interim Chancelor in the weeks before Mark Lawrence’s previous election got declared null and void. I’d have to go looking back through the stories to confirm it, but I seem to recall Wade Logan being that interim.

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