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The happy day has finally come! A project that Jim and I and others have been working on for some time now is live and fully functioning. If you haven’t already stopped by, go check out Episcopal Cafe.

(The Cafe is actually 4 blogs at the moment: The Lead – breaking news, Daily Episcopalian – a potpourri of essays by some of the best bloggers in the Episcopal Church, Speaking to the Soul – meditations and spiritual notes, and Art Blog – a unique repository of images and paintings meant to help inspire your thoughts.)

There should be something new and interesting almost every time you stop back. You can now register (using your real name) and leave comments should the spirit move you.

So get moving. Very Big Grin.

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  1. ruidh says

    Yes, well, I’m going to have to think long and hard about whether I want to give up my pseudo-anonymity.

  2. We (the editorial board) will be able to grant access to pseudonyms for people who can make the case that they should be allowed to (though we’ll probably set the bar pretty high.)
    Think of the good news though – you’ll have a whole new online personality to live into. Grin.

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