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The report by the House of Bishop’s Task Force on Property has been posted in a number of places online today. Episcopal Cafe has a version up that doesn’t require adobe reader to view…

Here’s the pull quote:

“‘In reality, it is the church ‘homes’ of countless loyal Episcopalians, the legacy of countless Episcopalians, past and present, and the spiritual well-being of those who always have found immeasurable comfort in their church homes, that are at issue as well as the nature of TEC and Anglicanism. The strategy at play must be revealed and understood if we are to protect the faithful from having their places of worship, and the assets accumulated by generations of Episcopalians, removed from them and removed from their use in the mission of TEC.'”

Read the rest here: Report of the House of Bishop’s Task Force on Property Disputes

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  1. They spent $125,000 to garner information freely available on the web that a phone call to Matt Kennedy, Kendall Harmon or Bp Duncan’s office could have provided for $3.67. Where did they do their fact findings? An internet cafe in the Virgin Islands while sipping mai-tai’s?

  2. Fair enough question Rob.
    On a side note, I see you made the same comment over at Episcopal Cafe (I’m one of the moderators). We can’t publish your comment unless you use your real name on that site. If you don’t want to modify your typekey account, you can just put your name at the bottom of your note.
    If you want to contact me privately (using the link at the above right column) and give me the info, and permission, I’ll be glad to add that info for you and publish your question.

  3. I just asked someone about the question you raise Rob. I’m told that the $125k was allocated, but not spent by the Task Force.
    I’ll see if I can find a reference for that info – and I’m now curious just how much of the allocation they did spend if any.

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