Whitehall: cana and the acn

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Father WB has written up his thoughts on the increasingly complicated relationships between various groups attempting to create a replacement province for Anglicanism in North America. Specifically he focuses his thoughts on the relationship between the CANA folks (Akinola, Minns, etc) and the Network (Duncan et al):

“The message seems to be that ECUSA has become irrelevant with respect to the Communion. I tend to agree… but what’s interesting is +Minns’ implication that CANA is taking over.

What does this mean? It means, I think, that +Duncan is being sidelined as a potential primate. The tone of the rhetoric seems to indicate not only that realignment is definitely in the pipes, that it will happen sooner rather than later, but most significant with regard to my point here: that the ‘inside strategy’ suggested by such things as Windsor, Camp Allen, the DeS Communique, +Stanton, the ACI, inter alia, has lost out to the more bellicose and evangelical.”

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