New Hampshire approves Civil Unions

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News from New Hampshire today (which just approved a civil legal status for same-gender relationships:

“Shortly after a civil unions bill cleared its last hurdle Thursday, the state’s best-known gay resident said he will use it.

‘Absolutely. My partner and I look forward to taking full advantage of the new law,’ Episcopal Bishop V. Gene Robinson told The Associated Press. The Episcopal Church and the worldwide Anglican Union of which it is part are still dealing with repercussions from Robinson’s 2003 consecration as bishop of New Hampshire.”

I seem to recall that Bishop Robinson and his partner Mark traveled to Massachusetts soon after that state approved civil-unions and registered there too. Am I remembering that right?

Read the rest here: N.H. advances civil unions, Bishop Robinson says he wants one. –

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  1. I thought that as well. We must remember though that these are not transferrable, so if they are to have the rights applied in NH, they would have to go down to the courthouse again. I’ll offer a post on the realitites of this from the perspective of one with a partner who is a non-resident alien.

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