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General Convention

The Midwest Conservative Journal has collected three posts that have appeared online at different sites over the past few days. One of them if from Dan Martin, a priest in San Joachim speculating that something big is about to happen in the world of Anglicanism.

A comment posted in response to Fr. Dan’s essay details some of the maneuvering that’s gone on in the past between the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglo-Catholic wing of the Episcopal Church

Finally there’s this bit:

“Is there anything to these rumors? It’s hard to say. But this idea is not a new one. In 2003, Seattle Archbishop Alex Brunett reported that an Episcopal diocese approached Catholic officials with just such a proposal.

Just back from meetings in Rome, Archbishop Brunett revealed in an interview that Catholic officials have received a startling overture from Episcopalians who refuse to recognize Robinson.

“We were approached by a whole Episcopal diocese about coming into the Roman Catholic church, as perhaps Anglican Rite Catholics,” Brunett said. He declined to identify the diocese.

Stay tuned.”

Read the rest here (as well as the comments): Midwest Conservative Journal

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