So, notice anything different?


You may be noticing that the layout and graphics of the blog have changed a bit since you last peeked.

Hey – it’s spring time. And I’m living in a new home, with new drapes, carpet, etc. Seems only fair that I should do something new with my blog in celebration.

Let me know what you think. I’ll probably tweak things a little bit for a while, and may change the lead graphic element back to what I had before. But I think I like this better, and the new structure will make it easier for me to update things as we go along.

Plus I think it’s easier to read the posts and the comments in the wider format.

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  1. Nice job, Nick. Very funky! 🙂
    Hope you are well and had a good Easter

  2. A MacArthur says

    Like a good haircut I didn’t notice the changes.
    Notice that you are more than holding up your end at the Episcopal Cafe and am grateful that you are doing that.

  3. Thanks for noticing my work on Episcopal Cafe. Today’s my day on the virtual news desk, so most of the stories will be mine to post. Jim Naughton has the weekend shift I believe.
    It’s an exciting experiment, learning how to blog as a collaborative.

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