Wise Bread: Remove car dents quickly and cheaply.


I’m posting this note for myself more than anyone else I guess. When I drove out to Phoenix last summer before beginning my new job, I managed to put a ding in the drivers side front wheel-well of my car. I’ve been putting off having it repaired, deciding instead to spend the money on some neglected home repairs that seemed more pressing.

But you may find the article useful as well:

“Dents suck. And so does the cost to repair them. My wife’s car has a ding in the door that’s really been bugging me, and as a frugal shopper I wondered if smarter folks than myself have ever figured out a cheap way to repair dents. Good news…they have.

After doing a lot of web browsing I found many ways. But I don’t have the cash for my own electromagnet, or the skills to do paintless dent repair (look either of these up, they take time and money…and a lot of skill). No, I wanted a quick, cheap ’10 minutes or less’ solution. And I found two. Ladies and gentlemen…welcome to the two minute body-shop.”

The article goes on to explain in detail how to use either a piece of dry ice or a hairdryer to repair these smallish dents.

Now I just have to find a place that sells dry ice.

Read the rest here: Remove car dents quickly and cheaply. | Wise Bread

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  1. Paul Martin says

    I have bought dry ice at the local grocery store; it works very well in a plastic cauldron for Holloween. You have to ask for it, and not all carry it.

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