String Theory Cribsheet


Here’s a handy link in case you’d like to impress the folks at the club with your fluency in multi-dimensional geometry and its most recent incarnation (string theory):

“EED has come out with it’s latest Cribsheet, this one on String Theory. The Cribsheets are very handy one-page summaries of some fascinating science issue. The latest one is pretty good; it only refers glancingly to the anthropic principle, which is a much more accurate view of the state of discussion about string theory than one would get by reading blogs. Clifford was apparently a consultant. You can see it in gif or as a pdf.”

Read the rest here: String Theory Cribsheet

(Aren’t you glad to see that I’m not wasting my time here in Chicago whilst I wait for my flight to Ottawa…

(Via Cosmic Variance.)

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