Rowan Williams: Draft Covenant “unacceptable”, Lambeth to happen as planned

General Convention

Breaking news about the Communion today:

“He also told Anglican divinity students at the University of Toronto in a closed meeting that he found unacceptable a draft covenant presented to the senior archbishops, or primates, that would allow the communion to boot out member churches deemed to have stepped out of line doctrinally on issues such as sexuality. Such a move would be a first in Anglicanism’s 400-year-old history.

But he rejected a suggestion made earlier by the Canadian primate, Archbishop Andrew Hutchison, that he defer next year’s world gathering of Anglican bishops — the decennial Lambeth Conference — at which differences will be underscored between the liberal wings of Anglicanism and the more conservative churches in the Southern Hemisphere.

‘My hope is that whatever decision is made will be made out of a resolution to maintain the highest degree of union in the church and [a concern] for what level of consensus is needed for the church to go forward,’ Dr. Williams said at a news conference yesterday.

‘These are complicated days for our church,’ he said. ‘I am steering and pastoring a church in the process of discernment [trying to achieve understanding and insight into itself],’ he said.”

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UPDATE – A poster at Stand Firm has some additional information that may bring into question the accuracy of the quote in the Globe and Mail article.

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