Church will find a special place for its scapegoats — again

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Luis Rodriquez, an Anglican priest, has written a commentary that appears in the The Times which talks about who and/or what is really at fault for the Current Unpleasantness in the Anglican Communion:

“The decisions of the American Church may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, but they are hardly the cause of the crisis. Rather, they are natural outcomes of a movement with a long history. One that has been championed by some of the finest theologians of their day, people such as Charles Gore, William Temple and Michael Ramsey.

But still the mechanism of scapegoating dies hard, and it is so tempting to blame in the hope of finding the Anglican holy grail of unity. That’s how scapegoating works: it demands the demonisation of the other as the price of social cohesion. But were the Episcopal Church to do as some demand; to condemn homosexuality, depose Gene Robinson and do penance for its ‘transgressions’, would that stem the divide? Were it excluded from the Anglican Communion, would unity be achieved?

Scapegoating never solves the real causes of crises. It only delays their honest confrontation, and if we are honest this is a crisis that the Anglican Communion has been sidestepping for years. What we need now more than unity is honesty.”

Read the rest here: Church will find a special place for its scapegoats — again-Comment-Faith-TimesOnline

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