Ephraim Radner–The March Statement by the HoB: Confusing the Flock

General Convention

Kendall Harmon has the text of an essay by The Rev. Dr. Ephraim Radner that critiques the statement released by the House of Bishops at its most recent meeting. It’s a long and carefully constructed essay. Here’s just the intro paragraph:

“Many, including those opposing its content, have praised the recent House of Bishops Statement for its ‘clarity’. In what follows, I want to dispute that evaluation. The Statement is unclear in numerous important respects, except one, viz. its animus against the Anglican Communion’s Primates’ Meeting. The reasons for that animus, however, are hardly spelled out, are often contradictory, and are lodged within a tissue of assertions that are without stated rationale. This is not clarity at all. And in the context of the current agonized and conflicted debate within TEC and the Communion, the Statement amounts to an act of pastoral and theological irresponsibility of the highest order.”

Read the rest here: Ephraim Radner–The March Statement by the House of Bishops: Confusing the Flock

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