Gledhill: Akinola ‘comes out’ on anti-gay law

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Ruth Gledhill has a post on her blog that reports, in part, that:

“[Abp. Akinola] has given an interview to Philip Groves, who head the listening process for the Anglican Communion, in which he makes it clear that he is fully behind the draconian anti-gay measures currently going through Nigeria’s legislature.”

I guess we are seeing clarity from both sides of the current debate.

Read the rest here: Ruth Gledhill – Times Online – WBLG: Drama at Abbey, Akinola ‘comes out’ on anti-gay law

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  1. Drama at Abbey, Akinola ‘comes out’ on anti-gay law

    Who exactly are the slaves of today, and why was this protester, Toyin Agbetu, so angry that he disrupted the slavery commemoration service at the Abbey today? Peter Akinola thinks he knows the answer to the first question. He has

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