Winter Warmest on Record Worldwide

Climate Change

More worrisome news on the climate front:

“(AP) — This winter was the warmest on record worldwide, the government said Thursday in the latest worrisome report focusing on changing climate. The report comes just over a month after the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said global warming is very likely caused by human actions and is so severe it will continue for centuries.”

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(Via Physics Org.)

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  1. Beware the Ides of March — particularly when the high temperature is 96¬∞.
    It’s way too early to be this hot. Lord save us from the summer we’re about to have…..

  2. Caelius Spinator says

    The El Nino helped slightly, I guess, but it was a fairly ordinary one. It was just warm. The worst thing about this winter for me wasn’t the warmth. It’s the lack of rainfall. We’re generally running at 20% of normal or less in southern California. And climatology suggests there will not be much rain until the late summer if there’s no rain by Easter. I really hope the West isn’t going into the same precipitation pattern as the late 18th or late 16th centuries. Our water-happy ways will not survive that kind of climate.

  3. Of course we up in the frozen north are in the midst of a good nor’easter that is going to dump anywhere from 12-30 inches of snow between Friday and Saturday. Go figure.

  4. I suppose that’s why it’s Climate Change now a days and not Global Warming any more.
    Me personally, I blame this weeks warm weather and nor’easter on the Aliens. It’s their probability drive getting all messed up again that’s to blame.

  5. You mean the Heaven’s Gate mothership has finally arrived? Dang. I knew those folks gave up too easily.

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