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Interesting article today over on Salon that discusses some of the macro-societal trends and how our culture is responding or acting in denial of them…

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In fact, the right’s culture war was — and is — mostly bogus. Most of the deep societal changes it decried — the decline of community, the loss of religious faith, economic insecurity, selfishness, social atomization, anomie — cannot be blamed on liberalism: They are products of modernity itself and of the modern world’s triumphant economic system, capitalism. (Daniel Bell pointed this out more than 30 years ago in his 1976 classic “The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism.”) And those changes have been greatly exacerbated by the monopolistic, heck-of-a-job-Brownie, corporate-crony version of capitalism — one loudly championed by, naturally, the GOP. Other aspects of the right’s culture war are simply reactionary and/or unconstitutional, like its attack on science and its outrageous attempt to tear down the wall between church and state. There are some culture-war issues, like the fight over abortion, that are genuine moral cruxes and difficult to resolve. But even these have been made far more toxic and destructive than necessary by the right’s hysterical use of them as a bludgeon to attack its enemies.

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