Spring backward


While the rest of the country (and much of the Internet) is managing with the new schedule for beginning of Daylight Savings time, here in Arizona the effect is sort of the opposite of what the rest of the country experiences.

Arizona doesn’t observe Daylight Savings time. Mostly because it gets so hot here that people try to avoid being outside in the direct sunlight – and what is desirable in the rest of the country (long lit summer evenings) is not here.

But the effect of the having the rest of the country spring forward, is that Arizona moves from being on Mountain Time to effectively being on Pacific Time. It’s as if the whole state is picked up and moved westward one hour.

So while I didn’t lose any sleep last night, I (we) have to keep in mind that we’re an hour further back now from the East Coast – and it’s lunchtime there when we get into the office for the rest of the season.

Funny how though we are not living into another group’s paradigm we still have to deal with it… It’s as if we’re all tangled up with each other or something.

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