PRELUDIUM: The Archbishop Writes and we can only wonder….

General Convention

Mark Harris has posted some interesting speculation about where the hard dead-line of Sept. 30 for the Episcopal Church’s response to the Primate’s questions arises:

“the ABC begins to reveal more than perhaps he wished to:

‘A clear response on these questions is also needed in the near future: we cannot wait for another General Convention for further clarification. A readiness by the leadership of The Episcopal Church to live by that same formal standard of teaching on these matters which applies elsewhere in the Communion is perhaps the first and most important step in the way forward.’

The matter of time, namely September 30, 2007, is somehow central. Why is it that ‘we cannot wait for another General Convention.’? The answer is unfortunately fairly obvious. Because he has been given an ultimatum. The Church of Nigeria is only waiting until September before determining if it will ordain new bishops for CANA. Unless we give in, Nigeria will go forward. With Bishops Minns and Bena on board already, things are in place for a new Anglican Church in the US, this time in communion with Nigeria and perhaps others. “

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