Tobias Haller: Of the Dangers of Self-Evident Truth

General Convention

Tobias Haller has posted a very thoughtful analysis of how the two major voices within the Anglican Communion have gotten ourselves to this point.

Here’s the first paragraph

“I have taken to heart the request of our Primate to step back and reflect before diving into the seething mass of commentary and critique that the Primates’ Communiqué has stirred up. Leading the Litany of Penitence at two Ash Wednesday liturgies, and working yesterday on the mundane matters of finishing the Parochial Report, have given me some time to think. Reading the various contributions of many others has also helped me in seeing what I hope is a bigger picture. In what follows, I will try to lay out what I am beginning to see as the root of our present difficulties. In doing so, I fear I may join our Primate in offending some of my friends; but I hope that in what follows I am offering — to use the therapeutic language I usually avoid, but which I am now convinced has become appropriate — an accurate diagnosis, so that we can continue with an appropriate and productive course of treatment.”

There’s much more that follows. Because it’s a very carefully worked through treatment, there’s no way to quote from it without pulling something out of the context of the diagnosis his is attempting.

So, please, read the rest here: Of the Dangers of Self-Evident Truth

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