Anglican Journal: Archbishop Hutchison ‘discouraged’ by primates’ communiqué

General Convention

A bit more data about the meeting in Tanzania from someone who was in the room with the other Primates:

“Archbishop Hutchison said that when some primates were needling the U.S. church over same-sex blessings, which have been taking place in some of its dioceses, he had pointed out that it was similarly happening in other parts of the Communion, including the Church of England. ‘It was an elephant in the room that needed to be named,’ he said.

The Canadian primate was also asked about how primates ‘can dictate’ policies when it was only traditionally intended to be nothing more than a collegial body for heads of Anglican provinces. ‘It’s so un-Anglican,’ a staff member commented, to which the primate responded, ‘the primates’ meeting was formed in 1978 for deep sharing and consultation and the ground is shifting now.’ He acknowledged that not all primates are comfortable with the change, which will be enshrined in a covenant that Anglican provinces are being asked to look at and accede to as a way of healing their division over homosexuality. ‘How dare we do this?’ he quoted one primate as having said. “

Read the rest here: Anglican Journal: Archbishop Hutchison ‘discouraged’ by primates’ communiqué

Thanks to Jim Naughton at Daily Episcopalian for the pointer to the article.

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  1. I find it very interesting that the Primates only seem to be focusing on ECUSA and not the Churches of Canada, New Zealand, and Australia… Is there a likelihood that they would sign on as well?

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