Political Spaghetti: Nigerian Anti-Gay bill coverage

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Matthew Thompson, posting on the blog Political Spaghetti, is planning to do a series of informational posts about the anti-gay and lesbian legislation that is under consideration by the Nigerian government at the moment:

“This is the first of many posts. These are aimed at the conservative Anglicans in the US who are not aware (or avoid being aware) of what their allies in the Church of Nigeria (Anglican) have advocated. I am not trying to convince anyone here that gay marriage is a good idea, or that Nigeria should make it part of their civil code. Rather, I wish to make as many people as possible aware of this legislation’s gross violations of the most basic of civil rights (in ways that have nothing to do with whether Nigeria should recognize civil relationships between gay people), and also that the legislation carries the strong strong endorsement of Archbishop Peter J. Akinola, the head of the Church of Nigeria.

I find all of the claims and reports made in the links to be entirely credible (some news sources stretch the truth — I have not included them).”

Read the rest, which includes more information about the actual bill here: Political Spaghetti: Passage Imminent I

Thanks to “bls” over at The Topmost Apple for posting first about this.

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