Ken’s Blog: Giving Up Church for Lent

General Convention

Ken Arnold, whose blog hasn’t yet received much notice, has a post up today about his frustration with the way the Presiding Bishop has participated in the request of the Primate’s meeting to the Episcopal Church. His final paragraphs are below, but it’s worth reading the article if you can…

Link: Ken’s Blog: Giving Up Church for Lent.

The Episcopal Church has finally made itself profoundly irrelevent by concluding that membership in an exclusive, private club (The Anglican Communion)–never mind that it has membership rules that exclude certain “impure” groups–is more important than, well, just about anything.

For me, that means that I am going to take this period of Lent to give up the church, to withhold monetrary support (do not tithe for apartheid), to stay away from its sacred ceremonies and pious follies, and to reflect prayerfully on how those of us who loved a different church might call it back to faithfulness. If you are interested in joining me, let me know. (And if you are not an Episcopalian but believe that your church is also irrelevent to the present real world, feel free to join in–or, rather, opt out.)

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