ausluslactinus: Part I Begins

Climate Change / Religion

Auluslactinus, who in real life is a climatologist, has begun a series of posts about Climate Change and the theological implications therein. Here’s a quote from today’s posting:

“The question that the origin of life on Earth presents to us is one of our uniqueness. If life is very common, our responsibilities in the wake of Christ become quite complex. The possibility that there are other rational beings out there might direct us to use the resources of the planet as a vehicle for witness, a means of evangelism. But if life is very uncommon and endures with difficulty, we are quite alone and the words of Psalm 95 ring out, ‘The Earth is the Lord’s, for he made it.’ Life on Earth is of such amazing variety and sophistication even in comparison with the inorganic world that there is no possible higher purpose to govern our responsibility to the rest of the world than to preserve this splendid work of God whole and undefiled. It is this principle of uniqueness and the value of the rest of biological life as the masterwork of God’s hands that divides those who believe that they will be held accountable for not exploiting from those who believe they will be held responsible for exploitation of the Earth’s resources.”

I’ve read through the essay. As an astronomer I might quibble with a few of the points in the very beginning ((in terms of minor details, nothing that would effect the flow of the argument being made) but as a scientist and a theologian (at least arguably in both cases), this opening indicates great promise for the whole endeavor. I hope that you’ll join me in reading along.

Read the rest here: Part I Begins

(Via Monastery of the Remarkable English Martyrs.)

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