Anglicana: increasing chaos among breakaway movements

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Sarah Dylan Breuer has written up a piece that carefully analyzes this past weekend’s going on with “conservative or reasserter” people in the Episcopal Church, especially the actions of the Diocese of San Joaquin. It’s a great overview of where things stand at the moment.

She offers this observation as part of her analysis:

“Not only have the breakaway organizations failed to come up with a consistent and coherent vision of what kind of ‘oversight’ or ‘care’ they want and who could or should provide it, but they also don’t agree on what kind of new or reconstituted structure or structures would be best, with various parties proposing:

  • In the case of San Joaquin’s newly proposed constitutional revisions, simply breaking off from The Episcopal Church without joining anything else, resulting in ‘The Anglican Church of San Joaquin,’ a province consisting of a single diocese ‘in full communion with the See of Canterbury’;
  • In most proposals from the Anglican Communion Network, forming with others a non-geographic or mix of geographic (e.g., the Diocese of Pittsburgh, except that individual parishes would supposedly be free to declare themselves part of another diocese, making for diocesan borders looking a little like patterns in a kitchen strainer) and non-geographic (e.g., the ‘Forward in Faith Convocation’) judicatories to form a ‘Province X’ of The Episcopal Church — but seemingly not under its Presiding Bishop, constitution, or canons;
  • joining another Anglican province (e.g., the Church of Uganda, Rwanda, or Nigeria);
  • forming a ”college’ of bishops and dioceses within The Episcopal Church … without this requiring either an alternative province or the intervention of bishops from outside the US.'”

Dylan’s done a pretty complete job of analyzing where things stand at the moment – which isn’t surprising given her service on the Special Commission tasked with responding to the Windsor Report on behalf of the Episcopal Church.

It’s definitely worth taking the time to read the whole analysis of the situation if you’ve not been keeping up.

Read the rest here: Anglicana: increasing chaos among breakaway movements

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