Fr. Jake reports on Bp. Schofield’s Deanery Presentations

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“Father Jake” has post up this morning that details some of the statements made at the pre-convention meetings in the Diocese of San Joaquin.

“According to Bp. Schofield, the Primates want to see a new Network Province set up, but not just with San Joaquin as a member. They want a number of dioceses represented. The Primates want to see San Joaquin unified with other dioceses, and willing to take direction from them. From this point on, the Primates would call the shots. San Joaquin was to go forward with the first reading and then await further instructions from the Global South Primates.

Bp Schofield stated that if the proposed constitutional changes were passed, that does not take them out of TEC. Nothing will change until the second reading. He stated that it is not an irreversable decision; the diocese would have a year to study it. He stressed that it was important to make the decision to change the constitution now because it makes it possible for them to respond positively to the Primates. He further suggested that not making it says to the Primates that they are unwilling to take their offer of leadership.”

This is apparently the first set of moves to setup a parallel province of the Anglican Communion (not of the Episcopal Church) here in the United States. The depressing bit is the reported statement of the Archbishop of Canterbury which apparently commends such actions.

Read the rest here: Bp. Schofield’s Deanery Presentations

(Via Father Jake Stops the World.)

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