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There’s a great post on Jesus Creed this morning (actually a couple of great posts but this one is my favorite.) Scot McKnight not only does a quick review of a book that critiques the mega-church movement, but goes on to share his own thoughts. Here’s the quick sketch of the book’s presentation. Follow the link below to read McKnight’s thoughts. Hopefully the comments on his blog will add to the conversation as the day develops.

“David Wells, in his new book Above All Earthly Pow’rs, points a big finger at megachurches and seeker-friendly churches for their approach to ministry — for ‘doing church differently.’ He points to five factors leading to this new approach, and then critiques their church-growth-movement approach.

Here are the five factors that have prompted doing church differently, and I’m not sure many disagree here: humans need to be seen as seekers, evangelicalism is no longer growing, there is a new marketplace environment and there is also a new social environment, and there is the fear that if something isn’t done the church will become obsolete. Wells then weighs in (that’s a mild way of putting it) against the seeker church appropriation of a business model.”

That last point (churches will be obsolete if they don’t change) is the one that I hear most frequently bandied about in the Episcopal Church.

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