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Father Jones, writing on his blog announces his intention to begin a careful and weekly commentary on the happenings in the Church from a centrist perspective.

“I will be offering my comments each week on this site, from now on, as a kind of journal.

It will be called, ‘The Anglican Centrist.’  This first issue is incredibly long – and it is only so long because it needs to explain where I’m coming from.

So what’s in a name?

I’m An Anglican Centrist
What does this term mean?  First of all, ‘Anglican’ does not mean ‘Conservative.’  The word ‘Anglican’ has recently been adopted by a group of typically conservative folks who are unhappy with the Episcopal Church, and who wish to identify themselves with conservative elements of the Anglican tradition, and conservative portions of the Anglican Communion.  I understand their rationale; I’m not complaining if they need to create a new fellowship; but they can’t have the word Anglican all to themselves.  They are going to have to share it – especially with those of us who’ve had it for a long time.”

I find very little that I disagree with in what he has written. I do hope that you’ll take the time this holiday weekend to read all of the post.

Read the rest here: fatherjones.com

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