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There’s a wonderful bit of thinking laid out over on Canterbury Trail this afternoon. It’s a series of five statements laying out a very compelling vision of faith.

This throughly Barthian snip is from the first of the statements, on the role of Bible:

“I believe that the Holy Scriptures, as marked by the canon of the Church catholic, contain all things necessary for salvation, as they testify to the One that IS salvation; Jesus Christ. I believe them to be inspired by the Holy Spirit, and the product of a divine human partnership. However, rather than a place to ‘mine’ propositional truth, I believe that they are best understood when they are prayerfully approached as a place to experience the living God, and reflect on the way that God has worked in the heart’s and minds of God’s people. For me, the Scriptures are not a rulebook (although there are rules), or a text book (although real history and science has been communicated in places), or even an ‘owner’s manual,’ but rather they are primarily a beautiful proclamation of God’s salvific work in the world, primarily through the processes of Creation, the Exodus, and The Resurrection of Jesus Christ. I believe that Scripture is best understood and lived out in community, study, fellowship, and prayer with other followers of Jesus as a means to deepen our relationship with God and each other in Christ.”

Read the rest here: Christian Identity Carnival

(Via Canterbury Trail.)

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