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Some more information on the implications of the Abp. of Canterbury’s reflection (released earlier today):

“‘Some actions — and sacramental actions in particular — just do have the effect of putting a Church outside or even across the central stream of the life they have shared with other Churches,’ he said.

For the proposal to be enacted, the Communion would have to hold at least half a dozen major church meetings spread out over the next three to four years, said the Rev. Canon Kenneth Kearon, secretary general of the Anglican Communion, in a telephone interview.

What should be included in a covenant could become the next focus of debate. The idea of a covenant was first proposed in 2005 the ‘Windsor Report,’ issued by a committee commissioned by the archbishop to seek solutions to the controversy.

Canon Kearon said, ‘Many churches welcome the idea of a covenant, but they didn’t particularly welcome the text that was proposed.’ He said he did not regard the archbishop’s proposal as a step toward schism, but as an attempt to clarify ‘identity and common decision-making procedures.'”

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